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Core Veneer Taping System (CVTS)

Core veneer taping system In Lucknow Alvi-CVTS is being developed after very long research. We use 45 BS (Bursting strength) base paper with imported specially formulated adhesives. Alvi-CVTS can withstand much of the working stresses of shop floor. Alvi Packaging took up this task and after much of the in house research; Alvi-CVTS (Alvi Core Veneer Taping System) was developed. Alvi-CVTS is the answer to problems of • To remove or minimize the core gaps in manufactured plywood • Search for a splicing material in which we are able to splice small pieces of cores to make long usable panel/cross core. • To reclaim usable core from the waste core by value addition in it and improve the %age of core realization from the wood, which ultimately is converted to plywood. • To adopt a system, in which no error takes place in normal working condition. If ever it happens then it easily come to the notice of the supervisors/floor managers. • To improve the capacity utilization of the Hot-press and use the thermal energy, which is being wasted due to low utilization of the Hot-press capacity Two types of CVTS were developed HS – 1260 for primary splicing of smaller veneer HS – 2460 for secondary Core Splicing Technical Specification of HS-Series Perforated Tapes. • Manufactured on High Strength Imported, Virgin Natural Kraft paper. It has almost double the strength of the Indian Star Kraft Paper. • Adhesive is completely transparent, odourless. Its activation is slightly delayed than the traditional Tape, but the bond is very effective and does not come out under any kind of stress e.g. heat, rough handling and stacking over the longer period. • As the Tape is very strong in its tensile, user personnel may face initial problem of it’s tearing, during its use. But it will also give you excellent bond strength. • CVT has 4.5mm hole at repeated 10mm length at X-axis and at every 12mm at Y-axis. Due to this unique perforation feature there is a bond between Glued Cross core and Panel core at every 5.5mm at X-axis and at every 7.5mm at Y-axis, at the taped points. • This Veneer Tape requires almost double the water quantity than the traditional Tape. Adhesive opening time (Activation Of Adhesive after water application) at 30 degree C is 3-5 Seconds. • Total thickness of Tape is 0.1mm. • This Tape does not leave any adhesive marks on the light coloured face veneers. • CVT is very different than our traditional Face Veneer Tape or Dry Veneer Tape. Core Veneer is about 4 - 8 times thicker than the Face Veneer and have very rough surface. To Get a Better Result • All the primary spliced core having dimension up to 8x18 are to be spliced with HS – 1260 and then cut to specific size. • All the secondary splicing is to be done by HS-2460 (24mm). • During secondary splicing by HS-2460 are to be done close to the finger joint . • All the jointer cut pieces whether primary spliced or full cut core pieces have to be right angle with the help of wooden gauges. This is very important precaution to avoid any core gap in the final composing. • The joint cut edges should be sharp and without any burr or fiber content due to bad cutting. • All the spliced panel core or cross core should be kept minimum for two hours before its use. It would be best if the spliced panel or cross core are used next day. • All the core should be fungus and dirt free to get better result out of CVT. The CD-ROM, which explain all the aspect of Alvi-CVTS in easy to understand graphics. If you feel any problem, our technical personnel will be happy to demonstrate the use and advantages of Alvi-CVTS on your shop floor.



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